Awareness is the
first step towards healing

I woke up from a lifelong pattern I wasn’t even
aware of…avoiding, numbing and denying my emotions.

Since that day I have been on a path to Recover and Rediscover my life.

Now I help others do that too!

You and your story are unique

 and it takes a unique set of tools
to heal from betrayal, trauma, and family patterns too! 

What I learned when I found coaching helped me find my personal power again, learn tools to heal from devastating patterns, and learn to enjoy life - maybe for the first time ever!.  Now I teach these same tools and use my intuition to help you see. I teach the principles of PEMS and how they can help you build a strong foundation.

Ways I can help

Coaching and Mentoring Sessions

Online Courses

Why Life Coaching?

The decision to hire a life coach or therapist is a deeply personal one. There are benefits you can gain from each.  When I found my first coach I learned tools I could use every day to truly connect with myself and make better decisions from my best self.  

Today I have the honor of helping women (and a few brave men) achieve the results they desire in many areas of their life.

My life experience helped me become an expert in helping my clients see that numbing, hiding, and denying emotions leads to pain and hurt.  As a child I learned how to manage the emotions of not only myself, but all those around me! It was exhausting!

I also work with women who have experienced betrayal and trauma in relationships. Whether you just found out, or have left that relationship, I have tools to help you heal from the pain and confusion of discovery, disclosure, and self loathing.

My clients also see how the tools I teach have a ripple effect in their lives. As you learn boundaries, how to listen to your body, connection to your emotions, and other tools, you see results in your thought process and relationships!

What My Clients Say

I was in crisis mode, I couldn’t speak, didn’t have friends who I could talk about it with.  I started healing and I’m 100% different person now. I love myself now! I’m worth it now! I set healthy boundaries and feel like my voice is heard, I wasn't speaking enough. I need to say my needs.  People see a difference and comment on it to me. Thank you Tera!


See where my passion stems from

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  • * Ways to strengthen each area
  • * Ways to release energy in each area
  • * How to truly feel and create a balanced life