You are not alone.

I'm Tera and I might be just like you

I woke up from a lifelong pattern I wasn’t even aware of…avoiding, numbing and denying my emotions, when after 16 years of marriage my husband disclosed his infidelity and addiction struggles. I began my personal journey of personal growth work and recovery that very day. Since then, my personal journey has taken me on a roller coaster of learning and growing. My passion has become to share with others the tools I found and created to live life authentically and on purpose. I absolutely love my job and my clients too! I have created a platform I teach from that simply starts with, when you heal in the four areas of PEMS (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual), you build strength and stability to become whole again.  
I co-created Daughters of Light; a division of The Toolbox, LLC to help women find healing, connection and strength. Daughters of Light host workshops, seminars and retreats designed to help women heal and become more in touch with emotions and patterns that keep them stuck experiencing what they don’t want. I have attended, staffed and led many experiential weekends; have co-lead support groups, coaching groups, and spoken and organized many conferences.

My coaching practice includes courses I teach online, group coaching classes like SSA 101 for Spouses and Emotional Literacy and Braving Betrayal and also one on one sessions with clients.

I have served as Chairman of the Board for North Star International and am currently on the Board for Discover Identity, a nonprofit focused on helping people find their true identities instead of the labels others try to put on us.

I come to this work armed with perspective and experience. I struggled as a young mom to keep my head above water.  I was not aware of my patterns or that I could set boundaries. I didn't see the destructive pattern of denying myself at the expense of my mental balance in order to make everyone else happy, or manage their emotions (as I falsely thought I was capable of doing!). My message is I know recovery is possible because I have been there too.
My husband Curtis and I celebrated 26 years of marriage this year and we have 4 beautiful children. I earned a BA in fashion design from BYU and  have used my talents to design and make custom wedding gowns for nearly 30 years coaching brides along the way. Now I find my true passion in helping others through hardships I can relate to, so that no one has to feel as alone as I did.

I am an Intuitive Life Coach and Speaker and my passion is helping women like you and me heal after betrayal and trauma.

I love to help people Recover and Rediscover their lives after betrayal and trauma.
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